1. Ford Credit

FCE Bank Customers

Who We Are

FCE is a public limited company incorporated in the UK, wholly owned by Ford Motor Company. FCE operates as a licensed bank authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. FCE operates in the UK and 8 other European countries through a network of branches and subsidiaries. It also supports sales of Ford's vehicles through partnerships and joint venture arrangements in South Africa and a number of other European countries.

What We Do

The principal objectives of FCE Bank plc are to support the sale of Ford vehicles and return value to its shareholder, Ford Motor Company. In doing so, FCE Bank provides access to finance for customers to purchase or lease a motor vehicle, and wholesale finance to dealers in order to fund the purchase of vehicles for sale to customers.

FCE undertakes retail deposit taking activities within the UK and Germany under the brand name Ford Money.

Our Financial Products

Retail Lending

FCE offers a number of instalment credit products that are available to retail (and small business) customers, most of which are secured against a vehicle including:

A retail customer may be either a private individual or a business. Customers are introduced through motor dealers who undertake a face-to-face sale to support the vehicle acquisition, including checking identity, taking vehicle deposits, etc

Insurance Products

FCE offers a number of insurance products to retail customers manufactured by authorised insurance providers across Europe including Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance and Motor Insurance (and similar vehicle-related products).

In most markets, insurance products are sold on an advised basis by Ford dealers, with the exception of Motor Insurance which may be sold on an advised or a non-advised basis by the insurance underwriter.

*Important Information:

Whilst Ford Money offers a range of savings products, FCE Bank plc does not offer credit cards or current account facilities to retail customers in the United Kingdom (UK).